Światowa Scena Jazzarium EABS - Repetitions

Concert studio PR im. W. Lutosławskiego ul. Z. Modzelewskiego 59 /

16.06.2017 19:30


The group which also represents a special movement and unique idea. It is a tribute to musical legends and draws inspiration from contemporary icons of various genres. Initially, the group improvised together in Wrocław at the former club “Puzzle”, and now it has a permanent squad. In 2013, the project was named the artistic event of the year and won the prize “WARTO” awarded by Gazeta Wyborcza.

EABS members:

Marek Pędziwiatr / piano / singer

Marcin Rak / percussion

Vojto Monteur / electric guitar

Paweł Stachowiak / base, moog

Spisek Jednego / gramophones

Olaf Węgier / saxophone

Jakub Kurek / trumpet

After the success of the project “Memorial to Miles” and refreshing Miles’ works, the group focused on Komeda’s songs. It covered both well-known songs as well as uncompleted ones. An unusual approach to the topic guarantees an interesting musical solution.


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