PREMIERE. My first death in Venice.

Who would not like to know how an examination of conscience of an aging artist looks like? Such a possibility is provided by Justyna Bargielska, a poet, and her drama debut

A burnt out and resigned Artist by the end of his life arrives to a magic city which is the gate between life and death. Although he does not actually know why he decided to travel, he will experience great passion and the circumstances of his departure will be unprecedented.

The play is directed by Tomasz Cyz, and the lead role is performed by Adam Ferency.


Director: Tomasz Cyz

Stage design and costumes: Joanna Braun

Light director: Ewa Garniec

Music: Janusz Stokłosa

Stage movement: Jacek Przybyłowicz



A: Adam Ferenc

Mother: Agnieszka Warchulska

Tadzio: Eliza Rycembel (National Academy of Dramatic Art)

Man I: Sławomir Grzymkowski

Man II: Władysław Kowalski

Man III: Mateusz Łapka (National Academy of Dramatic Art)


Teatr Dramatyczny m.st. Warszawy Halina Mikołajska’s Stage

20 November 2015, 07:30 p.m.

Subsequent performances: 21 and 24 November

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