OH MY GOD! - Premiere at Teatr Polonia

Warsaw, Marszałkowka Str.56 /




Teatr POLONIA invites everyone for Anat Gov’s play – “OH MY GOD!”.

Ella, a therapist, spends her time working and bringing up her autistic teenage son on her own. In both situations she must remain a professional psychologist. One day, a stranger asks her for an urgent therapy, otherwise something bad will happen. Ella agrees to see the mysterious patient at home after her duty hours. The mysterious Mr. B appears.

OH MY GOD! is a hilarious interpretation of the fact that we were created in God’s image, which means that the God resembles us. The author jokingly reverses the relation between the Creator and the creation, she humorously comments on stories known from the Bible. She refers to issues related to our faith, asks the fundamental questions once more. The play shows that a miracle can happen even in a helpless situation, and the meeting with Mr. B can change everything.

The play is directed by Andrzej Seweryn.

Starring: Maria Seweryn, Krzysztof Pluskota and Ignacy Liss.

Premiere: 8 February 2019

Next performances: 9–13 February and 29–31 March.

TICKETS: online [https://teatrpolonia.pl/event-data/3517/boze-moj] and at the box office: tel. 22 589 52 00 and 22 622 21 32,

bilety@ochteatr.com.pl and bilety@teatrpolonia.pl

The full repertoire is available at the theatre’s website: www.teatrpolonia.pl

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