Noc Muzeów - "Zadziwiające technologie!"

65 Mińska /




The Polish Press Agency invites everyone to participate in the Long Night of Museum at the hall at 65 Mińska Street.

The goal of the event under the name of “Amazing technologies!” is to promote the achievements of modern technologies in an accessible form that engages the visitors.

The programme of the Long Night of Museum includes:

  • The Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police presenting the latest investigation techniques;
  • The Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers – young inventors presenting their projects, including Torqway, a flashlight for the blind;
  • The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw with the latest rescue and firefighting equipment;
  • Groups from the Warsaw University of Technology with chemistry shows;
  • The Military University of Technology showing thermal imaging techniques;
  • Vigo System Company – presentations of Polish thermal devices related to infrared;
  • The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Faculty of Media Art, Prof. Włodzimierz Szymański’s Alternative Imaging Studio;
  • Molecular gastronomy shows with liquid nitrogen; Replicas of autobots from the “Transformers” film series;
  • Film shows. On the occasion of “Amazing technologies!”, Telewizja Kino Polska will take you on a journey among Polish movie stars – including helpful signposts in the form of chronicles, films and archive TV shows;
  • TopBrewer, an innovative pioneer setting a whole new category among coffee makers. You can brew coffee with your iPhone or iPad!;
  • Modern relaxation – massaging armchairs;
  • IzzyBike – a chainless bicycle with a front wheel drive;
  • TESLABOARDS – electric skateboards of the highest quality;
  • Biomaterials group from the Warsaw University of Technology presenting the application of 3D printing in medicine;
  • Roboty i Spółka with a show stand including robots and robotics workshops;
  • twin3D company scanning humans and animals in 3D;
  • VitaGenum – tips from experts specialising in genetics, dietetics, sports and recreation, and the broadly defined “healthy lifestyle”;
  • CS3D – scanning people in 3D with a scanner;
  • Moto-Medic with medical rescue equipment, including motorcycle ambulances;
  • UniForge Druk 3D – printing spatial objects with a 3D printer

Site of the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1391371517852416/

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