Mozart at Parade Square

Plac Defilad /

19.07.2016 00:00


31.07.2016 00:00

From the middle of July, the music of one of the greatest composers of all time will resound in the very centre of Warsaw.

As part of the 26 th Mozart Festival, the Warsaw Chamber Opera has prepared “Project Mozart”.

Guests will have a chance to listen to works of the outstanding composer in new arrangements.

Apart from the gifted artists of the Warsaw Chamber Opera, such musicians as Marek Bracha, Atom String Quartet, Duo Granat, Maciej Frąckiewicz and Kwartet Thetonacja will give a performance.

Every Saturday and Tuesday evening, sonatas, arias and songs written by Mozart will be performed.


19 July (Tuesday), 06:00 p.m., Parade Square (plac Defilad)

23 July (Saturday), 06:00 p.m., Parade Square (plac Defilad)

26 July (Tuesday), 06:00 p.m., Parade Square (plac Defilad)

30 July (Saturday), 06:00 p.m., Parade Square (plac Defilad)

26. Mozart Festival, 23 June – 31 July, more information at: www.operakameralna.pl.

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