Mini wild classics. Cycle of classical music concerts for children

Nowy Teatr /




Dayroom at Nowy Teatr, 10/16 Madalińskiego Street 22.11


Special concerts for children, featuring amazing soloists and groups supported by little ones, will be held.

Anyone will have a chance to play any instrument.

What is more, numerous movement and art activities will take place.

22.11 / 06:00 p.m.

Musical anatomy lesson

Can a choir run like red blood cells?

Why do basses prefer jumping on the left leg?

Do sopranos prefer Bach or Mozart?

How many inspirations and exhalations are there per two quarter notes?

On the next meeting, all participants will find out answers to these unique questions.

Warsaw Music Society Choir

Conductor: Lilianna Krych

13.12 / 06:00 p.m.

Musical animal parade

The vibraphone is giraffes' favourite instrument.

The lion always picks tom toms.

Humming birds try to play sixteenth notes on a drum.

The crocodile wants to eat a marimba.

Where is the conductor?

Who will bring rhythmical order?!

Answers to these questions can be found on the next meeting under Mini Wild Classics.

Marimba: Paweł Nowicki

Violin: Dagna Sadkowska

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