Marilyn’s Last Sessions. An intimate meeting with the icon of world cinema – Marylin Monroe. Star’s notes read by Polish actresses – Aleksandra Hamkało and Monika Dryl.

Milek Design /

12.06.2016 20:00



Marylin Monroe is a woman who needs no introduction. A world-famous actress, head-turner and ideal of female beauty.

Confident on the outside, cheerful and full of life, but lost and miserable on the inside.

What was Marilyn Monroe really like? What secrets did she hide in her soul?

The notes she left behind show an unambiguous woman full of contrasts and dilemmas.

Two gifted actresses – Aleksandra Hamkało and Monika Dryl will show the duality of the star’s nature by reading extracts from Michael Schneider’s book – “Marilyn’s Last Sessions”.

The meeting will be held on 12 June at 08:00 p.m. at Milek Design in Warsaw and led by Łukasz Maciejewski, a film critic and lecturer at Łódź Film School.

The event will end with an exhibition of Monoroe’s photos and film screening. Number of participants limited!

To find out more visit: bigbookfestival.pl and milekdesign.pl registration: spotkania@big-book.pl

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