Grape Harvesting at Wilanów

Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów /

02.09.2018 00:00

GRAPE HARVESTING AT WILANÓW culinary workshop for adults .

Grape harvesting will take place at the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów for the fourth time.This is a unique culinary workshop combined with grape harvesting in the royal vineyard in King Jan III’s garden.

The workshop will be an opportunity to learn about grapevines and wine served in Poland in the 17th century. Next, joint grape harvesting will take place in King Jan III’s renovated garden. Harvested grapes will be used to prepare traditional Polish dishes based on recipes from the oldest Polish cookbooks. Eventually, all participants will sit at the table to enjoy the effects of their work . They will also learn about culinary applications of grapes.

RECIPIENTS : adults 

WHERE:    Villa Intrata, 23 Stanisława Kostki Potockiego Street (Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów) 

WHEN:  2 September, 12:00 p.m.

COST: PLN 80 – regular ticket, PLN 50 – reduced ticket

TICKETS available for purchase:

 at the museum ticket office 

online at: www.bilety.wilanow-palac.pl

FB : https://www.facebook.com/events/2010058859306103/

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