First museum beekeeping course!

Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów /




First museum beekeeping course!

From April to October, 12 useful meetings will be held in the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów. You can also participate in individual workshops since each session covers its subject in full. They will be held in workshop rooms and the bee garden Royal Hives, located in the garden. The host of the workshops will be Kamil Baj – the court beekeeper from a befriended bee garden who opens bee gardens on the top of office buildings in Warsaw.


1 April – How to become a beekeeper?

8 April – How to prepare a hive for the season?

29 April – How does the everyday life of bees look like?

30 April – How do bees swarm?

28 May – How to breed a good bee mother?

25 June – How to multiply a swarm?

9 July – How honey harvesting should be organised?

23 July – How to treat ill bees?

13 August – How to use the benefits of bees? ​

3 September – How to prepare a hive for autumn?

10 September – How to feed bees?

8 October – How to prepare bees for winter sleep?

WWW: http://wilanow-palac.pl/wilanow_miodem_plynacy_kurs_pszczelarski_1_kwietnia.html

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/950452281723918/?fref=ts 9th tulip exhibition in the Orangery in Wilan ó w Nearly one hundred types of tulips, floral shows, lectures, nature workshops for children, walks around the exhibition as well as flower and nature books sale – such attractions await on the very first spring weekend of April at Wilan ó w. ​

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