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A branch of the National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw, the Museum for Children, invites children and their parents to participate in workshops called “Ethnosunday” [Etnoniedziela].

The family meetings will be a perfect chance to learn about selected cultures from the whole world. The classes will be held once a month, on a selected Sunday from 03:30 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. in the form of workshops. Small participants will be able to directly familiarise themselves with exhibits related to the theme, create artworks, solve mysteries and complete educational tasks.

Ethnosunday – themes:

  • 18.10.2015 – “Dresses from various parts of the world”
  • 08.11.2015 – “All Souls’ Day and Advent in Mexico”
  • 13.12.2015 – “Christmas in Mexico – breaking a piñata”

More details on every workshop: http://www.muzeumdladzieci.pl/warsztaty/etnoniedziela.html

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