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31.12.2016 00:00

Due to the fact that the school year has begun, the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów has prepared a number of interesting classes for children.

The programme includes, among other things:

History lessons

Royal family

The little ones will learn about the royal family, take a look around the chambers that once teemed with life.

Animals, creatures and monsters

Children will set out on a journey to the world of ancient mythology where they will come across various creatures, animals and monsters hidden in the decorations of the palace.

Visiting the king

Participants will find out what the king liked to read and what books were included in his collection.​

Environment classes

King gardener Participants will learn construction techniques of a baroque garden and will also find out what such names as heliotropium, artichoke, polyanthas and lovage mean.

Green journey

The little ones will find out what animals can be found in the park on the ground, in the water and in the air.

Hunting with a saker falcon, arquebus and... binoculars

Slightly older children will have chance to learn something about Jan III’s hunting hobby, take part in bloodless hunt with binoculars and visit the Hunting Rooms.

Culinary workshops

Traditional Polish cuisine

Participants will discover rich traditional Polish cuisine. The host will refute stereotypes about the old cuisine. Eventually, everyone will sit at the table and enjoy some delicious dishes.

More information: http://www.wilanow-palac.pl/

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