Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children directed by Michał Zadara

Teatr Narodowy /




Already in November, the premiere of the play “Mother Courage and Her Children” will take place.

In the lead role – the talented Danuta Stenka.

Written in 1939, the play is a description of the Thirty Years’ War from the 17 th century.

In 2016, Michał Zadara stages the play with a war of 2025 in mind.

First performances are scheduled for:

- 26 November (premiere)

- 27, 28, 29 November

and 1, 6, 7 December (remaining performances)

The tickets are already available for purchase.


Michał Zadara Stage designer:

Robert Rumas Costumes:

Julia Kornacka Musical arrangement:

Jacek „Budyń” Szymkiewicz

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