„10 lat” - najważniejszy film polityczny ostatnich lat na Pięciu Smakach

Kino Muranów, Kinoteka /




The loudest political film of the year, made with a very small budget, will have its premiere at the Five Flavours Festival.

“ 10 years” is a futuristic story about Hong Kong handed over to China by United Kingdom.

The film consists of five unrelated short stories which create a depressing vision of Hong Kong in 2025.

In "10 years", the image of Hong Kong is completely different from the one associated with a colourful city of business teeming with life.

The special guest of the festival will be the director of the film – Ng Ka-leung.

The 10th edition of the festival will be held in Warsaw in Muranów and Kinoteka cinemas on 16-23 November.

Replica: Nowe Horyzonty cinema in Wrocław (18-24 November).

Find out more: www.piecsmakow.pl

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