Where to go on a dinner on Valentine's Day?

14 February is the day of all lovers. It is a unique day when all mundane issues are pushed into the background, what only matters is the significant other. On Valentine’s Day we want to hold each other’s hand, look into the eyes and whisper endearments. It is also a fantastic opportunity to have a ceremonial dinner. This year, restaurateurs from Warsaw have prepared a lot of romantic and delicious surprises for those in love. Below, we present you some of the most interesting options.

The importance of this day has been appreciated by one of the most beautiful restaurants in the capital – Belvedere. Recently, the interior of the place has been distinguished by ArchDaily - the largest website dedicated to architecture. Still, the staff of the restaurant do not rest on their laurels and keep on working hard. To enjoy the Valentine’s Day a little bit longer, a special Valentine offer is going to be available all weekend long. An unique five course menu has been prepared in two versions – meat and vegetarian. A lovely atmosphere will be highlighted by a glass of Moët Chandon champagne. What is more, live piano music is going to be played from 07:00 p.m.

Enthusiasts of an unusual approach towards our culinary traditions should visit Dom Wódki on this exceptional day. There, they will find Elixir, a restaurant where you can spend a romantic evening with piano music in the background, accompanied by Polish cuisine served in an unusual way – all thanks to the so-called food pairing. As the name of the place suggests (lit. House of Vodka), alcohol plays a vital role, so, it is no surprise that the menu contains various alcoholic drinks which go perfectly with every dish. There is a lot to choose from, trust us. The Valentine menu begins with herring in spicy marinade and fantastically seasoned beef tartar. Those who love original combinations will have a chance to try kale cream with shrimps, mussels and curry. Finally, it is time for the main stars of the evening – turbot with white truffle sauce and duck with cinnamon sauce and spicy Thai groats. This fantastic feast will be crowned with meringue with sheep cheese, chocolate and plum jam.

Dawne Smaki invites everyone for retro Valentine’s Day. The restaurant known for nurturing culinary tradition is preparing an evening full of attractions. Each couple is going to be welcomed with a special drink and scallops with kiwi and avocado mousse. Among the appetisers, you will find slices of smoked saddle of deer and salmon gravlax. Next, it is time for soup – you can choose from pheasant consommé and cream soup made from salsify and russet apple with pistachio pesto. The main course is definitely going to be the most difficult choice – enthusiasts of poultry will be treated with guinea fowl breast, while those who prefer fish will have a chance to enjoy dory with parsley puree. Last but not least, the dessert, featuring white chocolate mousse and yoghurt parfait inside a chocolate praline.

An exquisite menu is not the only attraction awaiting on 14 February in Dawne Smaki. Lovers will have a chance to seize the moment in a photo booth (retro-style of course), try their luck in a lottery with prizes. What is more, live music guarantees amazing atmosphere.

A special Valentine menu is being prepared by Dom Polski, as well. Following a welcome glass of Kir Royal, Valentine tartines with caviar on salmon with lemon salsa will be served. The romantic atmosphere will be ensured by a love salad with pomegranate and Sicilian orange as well as amazing beet cream with a floating island. Next, the guest will have to decide whether to choose organic turkey roulade with spinach or scallops with black tagliatelle and wine sauce. The delicious journey will be crowned with a special dessert called “Love Test” with lemon mousse.

The Valentine’s Day is going to be celebrated for three whole days in Focaccia Ristorante. What is more, a different degustation menu is going to be served every day and there are going to be two sets of meals to chose from on Sunday. Each menu consists of five dishes, all of which will be prepared by the chef himself – Łukasz Toczek. The full menu, which will impress even the most demanding gourmands, is available on this site.

On Valentine’s Day, enthusiasts of Mediterranean cuisine should visit Oliva. The feast is going to begin with Tapas, including some classics such as Salami di Mugnano, Serrano ham, Grana Padano cheese, board of cheese and marinated olives. For starters, we recommend beef carpaccio with black truffle, goat cheese, fried black tiger shrimps and scallops. If you are a fan of salads, you can hope for some amazing combinations containing liver flambéed with cherry liqueur, grapes, almond flakes, humus, pickled beet and grilled artichoke. When it is time for the main course, we recommend trying one of delicious steaks with tasty side dishes. Still, those who prefer lamb, beef, cod and ... octopus will not be disappointed. Particular noteworthy is also home-made pasta, in unusual combinations with fresh and regional ingredients, as well as pizza, breaking the stereotype about this Italian delicacy.

The second well-known place among fans of Italian cuisine is Ristorante San Lorenzo, which turns out to be an excellent choice for a Valentine dinner for those who love seafood. Octopuses with spicy sauce, crispy squids, roasted scallops, stuffed shrimps are just some of the appetisers. The restaurant offers fantastic soups, as well, but their main speciality is pasta. Ravioli with stuffing made from sea dace and creamy shrimp sauce, black ravioli with stuffing made from fresh salmon, tagliatelle with shrimps and linguine with swordfish are some of their flagship dishes. The menu also contains some unusual flavours, such as home made green potato dumplings with shrimps covered in pink pumpkin sauce. Another reasons for bragging in Ristorante San Lorenzo is pizza, if you want to find out more what to expect, go to the fanpage of the restaurant.

If you love surprises, we recommend going to Żurawina, a restaurant whose chef really knows how to surprise his guests! On Valentine’s Day, Żurawina invites everyone at any time of the day, not only for dinner. You can start the day with some amazing breakfast – from traditional breakfast buffet, through fruit smoothies, satisfying Farmer’s Breakfast, scrambled eggs, omelette to American pancakes. The lunch menu also includes many unusual dishes, while those who will visit Żurawina to have Valentine dinner will have a chance to try various meat, fish and pasta. Beef sirloin, halibut with asparagus, lasagne with artichokes, roasted salmon steak, white risotto with boletus and truffles are just some of the items. What is more, some excellent wine and classic drinks are going to be served.

There is this popular saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The Valentine’s Day is also the day of good food enthusiasts. If on 14 February you want to do something unique and eat something amazing, make sure to visit one of the abovementioned restaurants!

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