Top 10 Clubs In Poland

Music unites generations. How can you choose a club which will come up with all your expectations? Below you will find a list of the best (according to Internet users) music clubs in Poland, reviewed mainly in terms of contribution to progress of Polish music scene, both club and festival.

"1500m2 do wynajęcia" from Warsaw turns out to be the best one. The club is a centre of creative activities where not only DJs but also party organisers and fashion designers will feel like a fish in a pond. An old cartography printing factory in Powiśle was turned into an unusual interior. The club, by supporting all kinds of art, even the alternative one, encourages everyone to realise their own ideas.

When visiting eastern Poland, you should come to Białystok and check Metro, the second club on our list. It is a place with unique character and outstanding sound system. Two bars, a dance floor, a chill out room and polite staff guarantee a great fun till the break of dawn.

Poznań has been famous for places full of good club music for a long time. SQ Klub is a fantastic example. In 2009, it was the first Polish club ever to be included in a prestigious ranking of the best clubs in the world. It has belonged to the leading edge of clubs in the country since 2006. Everyone who visits Great Poland should visit SQ at least once. It will surely catch your fancy.

Sopot is famous for its pier, but just like any other seaside city it also has lots of facilities for fans of night life. Sfinks700 is the fourth club on our list. It is a place which persistently follows the path of underground and rejects popular disco music. Young, promising artists often perform here.

Fifth place for INQbator, the best club in Katowice. It has won crowds of fans thanks to its interesting and unusual offers. Electronic music which is played in this club gathers more and more interesting tones. That is why INQbator is said to be the leading clubbing centre in southern Poland.

Another place and another club from Poznań8 BiTÓW. Interesting sounds and DJs, not only from Poland, create a unique atmosphere which attracts crowds of people. Variety of offers provides that different music tastes will be satisfied.

The capital of Lower Silesia also has something to boast about. LOG:IN club in Wrocław attracts many fans of different kinds of music ‒ from electronic, through modern, to the classics from the 80’s. DJs from entire Poland play in here. “Log in” for another great party ‒ you will not regret it.

Little Poland also knows how to party. Pauza coffee bar club in Krakow gained lots of recognition. Its name suggests a short break, but we guarantee that if you come here, you will not think about taking a break for the next couple of hours. A stylish tenement house conceals this modern club full of amazing rhythms.

The capital has one more club really worth recommending ‒ Klub 55, also known as “piątki” [fives]. Vernisagges, concerts, live music are some of its attractions. Wonderful atmosphere, delicious drinks and amazing interior in the centre of Warsaw create a rich and encouraging offer. Regular art exhibitions and unique cultural events attracts clubbers from entire Poland.

Our list is closed by Das lokal from Wrocław. Unique style and unusual way of perceiving the surrounding reality are based on hating routine and escaping from standards, present a brand new form of night life in Wrocław.



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