The most beautiful Old Town in Poland

Wrocław, Warsaw, Kraków or maybe Poznań? It is extremely difficult to choose which old town is the most beautiful. Each of them is differently designed, has something unique and exceptional history. They attract us with beautiful churches, outstanding buildings, monuments and charming streets. It is worth taking a look at the most visited old towns in Poland.


The city full of dwarves can boast of an outstanding old town. There is something magical about it which attracts lots of people ‒ probably no one is able to resists it. The atmosphere of ease and good fun passes on everyone who appears here. Local cafés and restaurant will come up with tourists’, who always want to come back here, expectations.


The attractive Cloth Hall and outstanding St. Mary's Church with the famous St. Mary’s Trumpet Call are the signature symbols of the old town of the former capital of Poland. The image is completed by Adam Mickiewicz monument. The Polish poet looks friendly at passing tourists.


The old town in Warsaw is not that old. It was completely destroyed during the Second World War. It slowly managed to get on to its feet thanks to Poles’ determination. Krakowskie Przedmieście is one of the most popular walking trails. While going along it, you will see the University of Warsaw, the Sigismund's Column, the Presidential Palace and the Royal Castle. This is a place which you really have to see.


Often underrated (unfairly), the old town in Toruń is located right on the Vistula, whose banks are well-developed. You will find here ships, numerous flowerbeds and benches, on which you can rest for a minute. The old town looks exceptionally beautiful from the opposite bank. From there, you can see its whole beauty. Amazing buildings made of burnt bricks look fantastically both during the day and at night. It is a gem of Gothic architecture in Poland.


It is probably the most picturesque old town in the whole country. It is colourful and friendly. Every corner impresses either with monuments or with modern murals. Here, tradition combines with modernity to guarantee tourists a magical atmosphere and lots of fun.


Dignified ‒ this word perfectly describes the old town of the biggest city in Pomerania. Buildings made of red bricks, built ages ago, used to be a point of the European trade route. This city gathered extraordinary people from all over the world which influenced its diversity. It is majestic and beautiful, that is why it makes such an amazing impression.


The old town in Zamość was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992. Established by Jan Zamojski, it is an example of an European model of a late Medieval urban arrangement. Measurements of the town square are: 100x100 metres. Each corner has two streets, which are perpendicular to the square. Everything is surrounded by recently reconstructed walls, which create a complex, but symmetrical, pattern. The place was designed according to the Renaissance style and impresses with colourful Armenian tenement houses. Large stairs lead to a town hall, which is located in the centre of the square. It is a perfect spot for a souvenir photo. The central point is surrounded by beautiful arcades, under which you will find cafés and restaurants.

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