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Restaurants in Warsaw are mainly a combination of influences from various regions of Poland and other countries. It is a typical tendency when it comes to big cities, especially in capitals due to their multitude of people and cultures. Both cooks and gourmets have problems in pointing out typical flavours of Mazovia. So let us concentrate on common products and dishes of this region.

A type of sweet called Pańska Skórka is a delicacy which is nowhere else to be found apart from Warsaw. When it comes to restaurants, they mainly serve Old Polish cuisine. Usually, restaurateurs add expression such as “Warsaw” or “à la Warsaw” to the traditional names of dishes. That is why, you can often come across “Tripe à la Warsaw” or “Warsaw sponge cake”. Regional delicacies can be found mainly in Praga. It is worth mentioning that some dishes are available only in particular places in the capital with which they are associated in fact. As an example, Rurka z kremem [similar to a cream horn] which can be bought in Rondo Wiatraczna or broth with filling served in Czerniaków can be named.

There is a little something for everyone in Warsaw restaurants. Let us start with places where you will pay less than 20 zlotys for a main course. Tel-Aviv Delicafe is a restaurant which is located in 11 Poznańska street. It serves vegetarian and vegan dishes which are gluten-free (on request you can get some traditional bread or cow milk). Namaste India, located in 15 Nowogrodzka street, is another place where you will not spend more than 20 zlotys for a main course. It offers Indian menu. If you are an amateur of Vietnamese cuisine, Toan Pho, located in 5/7 Chmielna street, is your place. Polish cuisine fans can eat for less than 20 zlotys in one of Pierogarnia Zapiecek restaurants.

El Popo, situated in 27 Senatorska street, is a restaurant which serves main courses for 20-40 zlotys. It specialises in Mexican cuisine. Another place with the same price range is located in 6 Francuska street − Trattoria Rucola offers its customers Italian food. Amateurs of sushi and Asian dishes can eat in Sushi Zushi, which can be found in 6/12 Żurawia street. Highlander food connoisseurs can taste dishes of this cuisine in Karpielówka restaurant (11 Indiry Ghandi street).

Where can you eat for 40-60 zlotys? For example in Pędzący Królik, located in 8 Moliera street which serves Italian, French and Polish food.. Amateurs of traditional Polish cuisine, especially game, will find delicious menu in Restauracja Przy Zamku, which is in 15/19 Plac Zamkowy. Enjoy!

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