Recommended cinemas in Warsaw

You feel like going to the cinema but do not know where and what to see? The capital has a lot to choose from! We present you a short review.

Multikino and Cinema City

Many cinema auditoriums and a wide range of the latest blockbusters ‒ all these things are brought to you by multiplexes. Additionally, theme shows and dedicated screenings are often organised. The exact addresses of particular cinemas can be found here: www.mulikino.pl  and here:  www.cinema-city.pl. Tickets for 2D movies runs from 18 to 23 zlotys (discount) and from 24 to 31 zlotys (normal). A 3D show costs 22-28 and 26-31 zlotys respectively.

Kino Luna

It is an atmospheric place with two cinema auditoriums − enough room for about 700 people. You will not find here movies from the front covers ‒ rather niche films are usually screened here. Teatr Telewizji performances, theatrical shows, concerts and exhibitions are also held in this cinema. “Cheap Mondays” campaign, when you can go to certain movies for 8 zlotys, is popular. On other days, discount tickets cost 14-17 zlotys, while regular ones are 17-20 zlotys. The cinema is located in 28 Marszałkowska street, more information and current repertoire can be found here: www.kinoluna.novekino.pl

Kino Muranów

This cinema with long-time history was built right after the Second World War. It was thoroughly renovated in 2000. Afterwards, two large air-conditioned auditoriums were opened. They are called Zbyszek and Gerrard (after Zbigniew Cybulski and Gerard Phillipe). Ticket prices: 11-18 zlotys (discount), 11-20 zlotys (normal). Prices depend also on the day of the week. The cinema is located in 5 Andersa street, more information and current repertoire can be found here: www.muranow.gutekfilm.pl


A very cosy place which focuses mainly on avant-garde films, video art presentation and non-fiction cinema. That is because of the fact that KINO.LAB is a part of the Centre for Contemporary Art, which is oriented towards such activities. Prices amount to 7-14 zlotys depending on the show. The cinema is located in 2 Jazdów street, more information and current repertoire can be found here: www.kinolab.art.pl

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