New spots in the capital

Are you curious about what is new on the culinary map of Warsaw? Check with us where it is worth going for a coffee or a drink with friends as well as where to go for a family dinner.

Besamim is a restaurant located in a beautiful modern building of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (6 Anielewicza). Its simple and contemporary interior design is not overwhelming and allows visitors to fully enjoy their meals. The restaurant specialises in Jewish cuisine (including the Israeli one) and relies on products that belong to the list approved by the Chief Rabbi of Poland, which means that they are in accordance with all kosher principles. What is more, you can try there some Polish, Italian and fusion cuisine. Three excellent cooks take care of culinary sensations of the highest level. Dinner dishes are served between 12.00 p.m. and 06:00 p.m. Every day, two options are prepared basing on the freshest products of the highest quality. Apart from the main room, the restaurant consists of a cafeteria where you can try some delicious desserts, fresh coffee and breakfast. And if you decide to visit the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, what we strongly recommend, remember that a ticket gives you a 10% discount in the restaurant.

Recently, Trzecia Vaza restaurant has been opened near St. Anne’s Church in 64 Krakowskie Przedmieście. Inside this stylish place, white colour dominates. The owners wanted to recreate the pre-war atmosphere of the capital but they also found some room for modern look. The same goes for the menu. You can eat there a duck, livers in an unusual combination with raspberries, and also a shark. We recommend breakfast for PLN 10 and lunch for PLN 15. Huge windows are also an asset of Trzecia Vaza, they allow customers to admire Krakowskie Przedmieście, one of the most beautiful arteries of the city, which is always teeming with life.

Enthusiasts of Georgian cuisine will surely be pleased with what Gruzja restaurant has to offer. It is located in a beautiful historical tenement house at the back of a yard in 5 Chmielna. The owners as well as the entire staff come from the Caucasus and guarantee that their cuisine is an authentic reflection of the delicacies served in that region. Hospitality, which is easy to sense, and wonderful dishes create together one of the most interesting culinary spots in the capital. In summer, a beautiful terrace is available for customers, whereas in winter they can enjoy a cosy interior with some Caucasian tone. We recommend ordering khacharupi, kharczo, eggplants and exquisite Georgian wine!

Bistro 8 i pół  (10 Nowogrodzka) is another new spot, it offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine. You can expect mainly fish and seafood dishes of the best quality. The place also serves desserts prepared by Misianka confectionary. The interior is bright and friendly, window sills are full of cushions – perfect for a nice afternoon or a lazy morning.

If you are looking for some entertainment, make sure to go to 6/12 Nowy Świat, where a new cocktail bar, Zamieszanie, was opened in August. It belong to the owners of Cuda na Kiju and is a sociable place where you can enjoy hedonistic fun with the best drinks and great music. The stylish interior as well as the best drinks and cocktails prepared according to special recipes are really impressive. They are all stored in a freezer where they obtain some unique and deep flavours. Next, they await for guests in capped bottles inside buckets full of ice. How about some gin infused with rosemary, lime, green tea and sweet vermouth?

When it comes to mojito in various versions, it is worth visiting a Cuban bar – Leniviec Mojito Embassy – which is located next to its older sister – Leniviec.

For some delicious coffee, a waffle and chat, we invite you to Filiżanka  cafe (3 Zgoda). It is a small and cosy place. Apart from sweet stuff, you can order there dishes of Italian cuisine.

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