Jazz in Warsaw


Here you can listen to some jazz as well as sounds of blues. During the day you can have here some coffee and cake. Still, Jazzarium is focused on concerts and musical experiences, food is just an addition. Do not be misguided by a small stage ‒ it guests stars such as Leszek Możdżer or Mikołaj Trzaska. International personalities also perform here. The location of Jazzarium is its big advantage ‒ it is situated in the very centre of Warsaw! Find out more: http://www.jazzarium.pl


This place is within a stone’s throw of the above mentioned one. It has an atmosphere of a pre-war cellar, and music is played live. Funk & Jazz Jam Session invariably dominates on Mondays, whereas, on some Sundays you can listen to traditional jazz. On other days, you can hear here various music genres, mostly rock. An entrance ticket costs about 10 zlotys. You can have something to drink (Procenty menu) as well as grab some food (Kalorie menu) in Barometr. Find out more: http://barometr.waw.pl

Jazz Club Tygmont

This club is also located in the very heart of Warsaw. You can sense casual and warm atmosphere inside. There is a place to dance and listen to some good music. Every day has a different main theme. Additionally, the jazz shrine turns into a true paradise for women a couple of days a week. Salsa classes and Disco Fever parties are held here. Find out more: http://www.tygmont.com.pl

Pardon, To Tu

It is slightly away from the previous clubs, but not in the background (12 Plac Grzybowski). This is a really creative place where unusual meeting and parties are often organised. Apart from live concerts, you can eat something and drink some excellent wine here. The club organises great atmospheric concerts (the schedule can be found here: http://pardontotu.blogspot.com) and has a shop with vinyl records, both new and used, as well as a shop with CDs, including music by artists who have played on its stage.

Jazz Cafe Łomianki

The most popular place in the areas around Warsaw is Jazz Cafe Łomianki. Unfortunately, reaching this place from the city centre by public transport takes about an hour. But do not get discouraged, after all it is really worth devoting an evening to discover the atmosphere of this amazing place. It is absolutely a cult place. You can check schedule for the next concerts and book tickers on the following website: http://www.jazzcafe.com.pl/

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