Health and safety in Poland: when help is needed

Violence against tourist is a rarity in Poland, still petty crimes such as theft are common, that is why it is better to comply with some pieces of advice:

  • Do not flash expensive jewellery and equipment (such as cameras, photo cameras, laptops) around,
  • Leave valuables in a hotel hiding place when you go out,
  • If you travel by car, do not leave valuables in sight ‒ it is better to hide them in the boot,
  • Watch out for pickpockets in markets, crowded streets and shopping centres,
  • Stay in well-lit streets after dark.

Emergency numbers

Phones can be found in the streets, bars and shops. The police, fire brigade and ambulance have the same number: 112. You can also call each of them directly:

  • Police ‒ 997
  • Fire brigade ‒ 998
  • Ambulance ‒ 999

You can report any case of attack or theft to the police, at least to take minutes of it. You can also ask an embassy and a consulate of your country which are located in Poland for help. The list of embassies, diplomatic agencies and consulates with addresses and phone numbers can be found here: www.msz.gov.pl


You should make sure if your health insurance is valid in Poland and guarantees a flight back to your country if necessary. EU citizens should have European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them. Such document authorises only to treatment in public medical facilities. In case of danger, call one of the above mentioned number to ask for an ambulance, and if there is a hospital nearby, you should go to the admission rooms where help is provided in case of emergency.

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