Gift shops

Typical gifts from Poland are related to the folk art. If you are interested in such things, you should definitely visit Cepelia shops, which can be found for example in 8 Chmielna, 99/101 Marszałkowska and 39 Krakowskie Przedmieście streets. Cepelia offers wonderful Polish handicrafts, leather goods, ceramics, wooden products, fabrics (including traditional Polish laces), regional goods, jewellery (mainly with Polish amber), and many more.

Similar atmosphere can be found in Artis Galeria Sztuki Użytkowej (47 Emilii Plater street). What is more, it offers a wide range of paintings by modern Polish artists and sacral art goods.

Right next to the gallery, there is Bombkarnia. Christmas season is a good time to visit this place (the shop is opened all year long and also offers spring and Eastern collections as well as small gift designed in the style of Bombkarnia). It is full of beautiful hand-painted Christmas ornaments ‒ mainly balls.

Neptunea (47/51 Krakowskie Przedmieście) is an interesting and magical place. It specialises in original gifts from all over the world. The owners are into African art and sea shells, which can be found on shelves in Neptunea. What is more, the offer includes beautiful silver jewellery, products made of stones and wood, collector’s furniture, additions, ceramics, china and other oriental, exotic goods.

Sticking to the jewellery topic, Polish amber must be mentioned. In 12/14 Piwna, 26 Piwna and 11 Świętojaśka streets, there are Świat Bursztynu shops which are full of amber magnificence.

Galeria Piękne Rzeczy, which is quite a new place, is also impressive. According to experts it is a unique place with amber goods. Carefully selected exclusive jewellery made of amber by the best Polish designers will impress every woman, but not only.

Abonda can be found in 12/6 Śniadeckich street. It is a gallery, a studio and a shop. Abonda specialises in various linen products created by Barbara Fandri, an artist. The owners search also for the most outstanding Polish folk artists to present their wonderful goods in the shop. So, you will find here jewellery, beautiful ornaments as well as ceramics. Everything is handmade by Polish artists and made of native materials.

Popular and appreciated Polish table ceramics from Bolesławiec can be bought in 2/14 Prosta street. Zakłady Ceramiczne “Bolesławiec” has a long and rich history. It offers handmade products decorated with a rare stamping technique. If you do not plan any shopping, you should at least drop by to take a close look at the ceramics collections.

For applied glassware, you really have to go to 12 Próżna street where Galeria Velt is located. Artists Maria Veltuzen-Nagrabecka and Leszek Nagrabecki create unique forms.

Art.-Bazar, situated in Ursynów (4/36 Marco Polo street), is another interesting proposition. It offers jewellery, accessories, house equipment and clothes. You will find here many interesting items by Polish designers. Everything is hand-made and exceptional. Wedel invites for sweet goodies.

In 8 Szpitalna street, Pijalnia Czekolady Staroświecki Sklep is located inside a beautiful tenement house based on the style from the 30s’. The choice of chocolate goods is really big ‒ from exclusive pralines, chocolate figurines to traditional chocolate and sweet liqueurs. After shopping, you can sit and treat yourself to hot chocolate according to Wedel old recipe.

Completely different kind of gifts is offered by a shop located in the Historical Museum of Warsaw (28-42 Old Town Market Place). Why different? Mainly because of their designer character. You can buy here t-shirts, notebooks, calendars, posters, mugs, cups as well as mints and crayons. Everything has a modern project of Warsaw mermaid, WAWA logo or unusual patterns.

What is more, many stands and souvenir shops are located in the Old Town. If you are in a hurry, you can always visit Empik, which, apart from books and multimedia, offers a big department with ‘ideas for a gift’ and traditional souvenirs from Warsaw (the biggest shop is located in 116/120 Marszałkowska street). Those who are really short on time can quickly drop by to gift shops in the Central Station or at the airports.

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