Cult Polish dishes

The more regions, the more recipes for Polish delicacies. First of all, try żurek [a soup made of soured rye flour] (based on genuine leaven), tripe and mushroom soup. If after these delicious dishes you have some room for more, you have to taste zimne nóżki [meat in jelly], herring with cream, tartar or vegetable salad with mayonnaise. These are just starters ‒ absolute bare minimum!

Main courses are delicious. Schabowy [variety of pork breaded cutlet] in breadcrumbs with potatoes and fried cabbage ‒ that is the first thing which comes to one’s mind. But you also have to try Pierogi [dumplings of unleavened dough] with cabbage and mushrooms, with meat, and in sweet version with blueberries. Gołąbki [lightly soft boiled cabbage leaves wrapped around minced pork or beef] is also a hit. It is not hard to spot that cabbage is an often ingredient in many Polish dishes. Speaking of which, you cannot leave Poland without trying Bigos [meat and cabbage stew]. We are coming close to meat and poultry dishes... pork undercut, roast duck or geese. You will surely love their flavours.

To satisfying and delicious main courses, you can add according to your preferences: buckwheat, noodles, pickles or curds. Next topic worth mentioning is Polish cold meats, sausages and bread, necessarily dark or rye. Traditional methods of smoking make it possible to extract fantastic flavours from meat, for example from junipers. Try at least dry Kraków-style sausage, pâtés or game.

After such satisfying dinner, sit back and wait for dessert. This domain is dominated by cakes. The most popular ones are leavened and crumbled ones as well as various Swiss rolls (with poppy seeds or fruit), gingerbread and apple pies. Tea is a must with them. If you feel like trying something stronger, pure mead (unfortunately rarer nowadays because it is replaced by beer) and vodka are Polish delicacies. The most popular one is called Żubrówka. Each bottle has a blade of grass from the Białowieża Forest which enriches its flavour. You will not be disappointed with various kinds of liqueur and fruit liquor.

Where can you try all these delicacies? Surely, in every Polish house. If you do not have a chance to attend a family home dinner, we have some suggestions. The best option is to visit one of Magda Gessler restaurants (www.magdagessler.pl/) or Chłopskie Jadło (www.chlopskiejadlo.pl). These restaurants can be found in any bigger Polish city. Still, they are not the only option because almost every town has a restaurant which serves traditional Polish cuisine. We assure you that wonderful taste sensations await.

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