Christmas fairs

Colourful and cheerful, often multicultural. Full of ornaments and regional delicacies. These are the features of Christmas fairs in Poland. It is worth visiting at least one to try outstanding delicacies and warm yourself with mulled wine. Colourful stalls can be found in any bigger Polish city. Here is a short review of the biggest ones.


The Christmas fair starts on the market already at the end of November and lasts about a month. It is extremely popular, in 2008 the Times included it in the list of ‘the top 20 Christmas fairs’. You will find pierogi, grilled dishes and roasted nuts in caramel on many stalls. Last year’s fair was diversified by a parade of Kraków cribs ‒ maybe it will be held also this year? Information: www.krakow.pl; www.e-krakow.com


You can enjoy a multinational Christmas fair in Old Town Market in the capital from the last week of November till the first days of January. Lithuanians, Slovaks, Austrians and Croatians have their stands here. People from Germany and Hungary also appear. Of course, you can try delicious Polish pies from Masuria or home-made cold meats as well. The atmosphere is created by Christmas trees and their ornaments as well as by Christmas carols which can be heard all over the place. It is a good spot to buy presents for your closest friends and family because you will find here original hand-made ornaments, clothes and jewellery. More information: www.jarmarkbozonarodzeniowy.org


In the same time, vendors from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Belarus offer their goods in the market in Wrocław. Some of delicacies that you can try here are: gingerbread hearts, Hungarian Kalach [traditional East Slavic bread] or roast chestnuts. But above all, you really have to drink famous Wrocław mulled wine with vanilla and black pepper. Stay focused and watch carefully and maybe you will find permanent residents of the city ‒ dwarves! More information: www.jarmarkbozonarodzeniowy.com


It is held in the Old Town, lasts a couple of days and is known as Warmia Christmas Trade [Warmiński Jarmark Świąteczny]. During the previous editions, the streets were decorated with Christmas trees and snowflakes. A garden of ice sculptures was established on Fish Market. The organisers will surely try their best to provide even more attractions this year. Find the latest news here: www.jarmark.olsztyn.eu


You can admire beautiful ceramic as well as handicraft goods and traditional Christmas ornaments in the New Town Market. You can try some cold meats, honey and naturally leavened bread. Of course, the fair cannot do without a crib. Additional information can be found here: www.targitorunskie.pl

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