Cafes and sweet shops

The map of Warsaw is full of sweet spots. If you love chocolate and other sweets, your taste buds will surely be satisfied... 

Hot chocolate according to Wedel recipe or with some alcohol works well especially on chilly days in Poland. Pijalnia Czekolady Sklep Staroświecki is located in a historical tenement house in 8 Szpitalna street. Its chocolate goods are as delicious as they look. The offer includes: pralines, truffles, figurines made of chocolate, Torcik Wedlowski (a large, circular, chocolate covered wafer with hand-made decorations), chocolate creams and alcohol, among others. That is not all, you can also have breakfast, delicious coffee and tea or even buy some personalised sweets here. The interior of the café enchants with its atmosphere from a different time. It is easy to go back in time and imagine the beginnings of Wedel activity, which took place in 1851.

You also have to try goods of A.Blikle. The confectionary has been opened since 1869 and is now located in 25 Nowy Świat. Blikle is Polish tradition and great quality of goods. Next and next generations of residents of Warsaw have come here for some doughnuts, cakes and other desserts. The café also has Delikatesy Blikle, where you can buy for example fresh cold meats and deli products.

Sowa, another confectionary, has a slightly shorter tradition ‒ it was founded in 1945. It has several places in Warsaw, the one which is the best located can be found in 11 Chmielna street. The confectionary can boast of cakes, pies, home-made preserves and fresh Polish bread.

Right next to it, in 13 Chmielna street, you will find a small, inconspicuous place belonging to the Pawłowicz confectionary. Polite ladies sell fresh, hot doughnuts and buns with various fillings though a window. This place is legendary, there is always a line of people waiting for some sweet delicacies by the window. If you are curious, you can also watch how the baked goods are prepared thorough a glass wall. Another noteworthy place is a shop ‒ Specjały Regionalne (44 Nowy Świat). It offers high quality products from different parts of Poland, including honeys, preserves, baked goods and fruit juices. You can also get here fish, cold meats, bread, cereal products, fruit and vegetables.

Magda Gessler, a famous Polish restaurateur, runs a confectionary and a restaurant Słodki Słony in 45 Mokotowska street. This place draws attention with its decor because Ms. Gessler, apart from culinary talent, has a great taste in style. You can have here various cakes. The choice includes: traditional sponge cakes, pies, buns, éclairs or Napoleon cakes. As far as salty food is concerned, you can choose from sandwiches, soups, omelettes and main courses.

If you want to get some colourful, fanciful sweets, you should go to Manufaktura Cukierków in 21 Nowy Świat street. Sweets production displays are held here. Both children and adults will surely enjoy them. It is a sweet and fabulous place.

Slightly further, on the other side of the Vistula in 23 Aleja Zwycięzców, Lola Cupcakes, a lovely confectionary, was established. It is a new place on the sweet map of Warsaw, it has been opened since 2010, but it does not diminish its importance. The place specialises in beautifully decorated cupcakes. Its owner bakes delicious little masterpieces. Many people make use of special offer which enables them to order thematic cupcakes. Decorating cupcakes has no limits. It is hard to describe it − better see it by yourself, and of course try.

On hot days you should really go to Mokotów to try ice-cream from Malinova (130 al.Niepodległości). Some people claim that it is the best ice cream parlour in Warsaw. Malinova offers many sophisticated flavours which are replaced by new ones from time to time. Other desserts and delicious coffee are also served here. Lines in summertime are enormous here but everyone leaves with a smile. A part of the café where you can peacefully enjoy your dessert is an additional asset of it.

If you somehow end up near to Plac Zbawiciela, you have to visit Charlotte which offers French flavours. Plac Zbawiciela is one of the most important places of the alternative part of the city. Charlotte is literally crowded, especially with young people. Its whole cuisine is based on French recipes, ecological products and bread which is baked here. Outstanding breakfasts and lunches are served. You can have here some sweet tarts, macarons, mousses, cheesecakes, chocolate cream and home-made preserves. A glass of exquisite wine, good company, what else do you need?

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