Bollywood party

Polish restaurateurs have been very interested in Indian cuisine for quite some time now, while Indians living in Poland eagerly open new Indian restaurants in Warsaw. The Indian culinary tradition is extremely rich and, as a result, constantly attractive. Shisha bars, where you can relax with a hookah, and Bollywood clubs become more and more popular. Fun in the Indian atmosphere is often accompanied by belly dance shows, colourful outfits, and traditional henna hand painting.

The magic of all places related to the tradition of distant India is combined by the Bollywood Lounge. It is a restaurant, a shisha bar, as well as a club in one place, situated in a prestigious location in Warsaw – Nowy Świat – and attracts hundreds of cheerful partygoers every weekend. A multicultural crowd eagerly enjoys the parties taking place there: live music concerts every Tuesday, dance parties on Friday and Saturday, as well as karaoke on Sunday.

A colourful Indian interior design, golden decorations making you think of the splendour of Indian temples, high turquoise sofas, and carved wooden tables create a luxurious atmosphere. A well-equipped bar is lit by stunning Art Deco lamps, while shishas create the background. Bollywood music and the hiss of smoke in shishas create a pleasant oriental atmosphere.

The Bollywood Lounge is a perfect place for those who expect something more from a Friday night than fun on a dance floor, good beer and drinks. The kitchen is open till late evening hours and satisfies customers with fantastic Indian dishes. The extensive menu includes light salads, aromatic soups, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, which all vary in terms of spiciness. The place specialises in traditional dishes from a tandoor stove, and every dish is served with home-made naan, tandoori, roti, lacha paratha bread and rice. Particularly noteworthy is the wide range of aromatic dishes with traditional Indian cheese – paneer. Spicy dal with lentils and beans, samosas, chicken with curry sauce and tikka masala, fried rice with vegetables – these are some of the delicacies which you can try in the Bollywood Lounge.

Apart from Bollywood music, you can listen there to various genres of electronic music played by the best Polish and foreign DJs. You can find out about the upcoming events by following the fanpage of the club on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bl.warsaw

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