Azia Restaurants

“We’re AZIA Restaurants and were born from the owner’s innovative idea for a modern Asian restaurant.”

A modern Asian restaurant – what could it mean?

First of all – an area which can surprise us! As many as 1200 square metres is definitely an original restaurant area, which doesn’t exclude a cosy atmosphere. The interior is arranged according to Feng Shui principles to make sure that every guests feels wonderful in here. What’s also unusual about this place is the presence of 3 culinary stations in the form of an open bar, where you can watch with your own eyes how dishes are made. The cooks come from the most distant Asian countries and prepare delicious food according to original recipes, using ingredients of the highest quality.

You can choose from the aromatic Thai cuisine Nai Thai, the noble Chinese cuisine Dim Sum and the classic Japanese cuisine in the form of Ramen and Hana Sushi.

This combination of three cuisines in one atmospheric place allows us to go on a culinary journey and travel for a moment to a different world. Modern Asian food, served in a fantastically arranged interior on original Asian ceramics, stimulates all the senses, appetite and imagination.

This is what Azia Restaurants has to say about its 3 cuisines:

“The Japanese introduced us, the Europeans, to seafood and fresh vegetables served raw, i.e. sushi and sashimi, with delicious oriental sauces. Japanese cuisine meets all the requirements of modern cooking: it’s simple, very aromatic and low-cal. That’s why some consider it perfect for people who care about their diet.”

“Thai cuisine is one of the most interesting cuisines in the world. Its flavours are diverse, from mild to extremely spicy, from coconut milk, through the aroma of lime and coriander, to very hot red chilli pepper. Thai cuisine is impressive with every single piece of it. Spicy soups, aromatic satays, curry with seafood and fresh seafood are just a fraction of what the Asian “land of smiles” has to offer.”

“Chinese cuisine is characterised by numerous different flavours and aromas. It’s considered one of the oldest and healthiest cuisines in the world. It’s highly diverse and rich in dishes with rice, beef, shiitake mushrooms and tofu.

 In Canton, dishes are fried in woks, while in Sichuan dishes are very spicy and cooked in hot-pots. Last but not least, in Beijing a true delicacy are steamed dim sum dumpling.”


Before you pick your favourites, we have a couple of classics to recommend:

CALIFORNIA EBI SPECIAL – Maki sushi with shrimp tempura and salmon slices (8 pcs.)

KHAO PHAD SAMUNPRAI – Thai blue fried rice with herbs

RAMEN SHIN – Spicy soup with vegetables, noodles, beef and egg

CHICKEN XIAOLONGBAO – Chicken stuffed dumplings (10 pcs.)

You can also order a convenient lunch set, composed of selected dishes, for a special price. Each set consists of a soup and a main course. For a small additionally fee, you can buy some dessert.  If you can’t eat in the restaurant, it’s possible to order a delivery.

Still, the place is worth checking out, as its atmosphere has a very positive impact on the mood. And it can get even better thanks to a delicious meal.  Everyone’s welcomed in the restaurant. There’s a special room for families with children.

Apart from an everyday meal, you can hold a private event or a business lunch in here. Two cosy conference rooms are perfect for a meeting, training or presentation.

The website contains information on current events. For instance, there’s a special menu and surprise dessert on the Valentine’s Day. If it’s your birthday, you can count on a special gift. App users can win many prizes and collect points to exchange them for gifts.

Since it’s a modern restaurant, you can pay with bitcoins.


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