Nominees for this year’s Conrad Award





The Conrad Festival begins on 24 September. Therefore, 5 books were chosen for readers to vote on.

This year’s titles are:

“Pani Stefa” [Mrs Stefa] by Magdalena Kicińska,

“Uprawa roślin południowych metodą Miczurina” [The Cultivation of Southern Plants Using the Michurin Method] by Weronika Murek,

“Dom z witrażem” [The House with the Stained-Glass Window] by Żanna Słoniowska,

“Sensu sens” [Sense of sense] by Marek Adamik,

“O pochodzeniu łajdaków, czyli opowieści z metra” [On the Origin of Scoundrels, or Stories from the Metro] by Tomasz Wiśniewski

The prize for the author of the best debut is PLN 30,000, a memorial statuette and a monthly stay in a residence in Kraków.

Readers can vote on the winner here:

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