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After the summer break, a great film attraction for children is making a comeback – the Films for Kids Film Festival! The screenings are going to be held in more than a dozen Polish cities, including Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław.

The festival will be a perfect opportunity to see true masterpieces when it comes to films for children and about them – in total over 70 titles. When planning the schedule of the festival, the organisers go for smart and multidimensional plots provided in a perspective close to children. During the festival, there will be a chance to see such hits as “Me and My Moulton”, “Boogaloo and Graham”, both nominated for an Oscar, Brazilian “The Boy and the World”. The icing on the festival cake will be the screening of the book series “Hokus Pokus Albert Åberg” and meeting with the author – Gunilla Bergström.

The second edition of the Films for Kids Film Festival is not only about amazing films, it also offers special events, exhibitions, meetings and workshops for children. The full schedule of the event has not been closed yet. Find out more about the festival at: and

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