Demontaż. Electronic closing down of Fabryka

Fabryka /

19.12.2015 23:00



Fabryka, a club in Kraków, decided to close down with a bang, the event is going to be divided into two days. On the first one, 19 December, various types of music are going to be played on three stages – from jazz and funk to drum’n’bass and techno. “Demontaż” [lit: “Disassembly”] is going to be heated up by DJs connected with this iconic place – Mr Krime, Gretzky, WaxVax, Dusha, Meff, DiLL, Łapsky, Playaman, Mono, Squal, Dubseed, KrakAntek, dArecki, Metod, Cool Bid, Push, Fukktry, Bartech, Kfjatek. When it comes to visual effects, you can count on Vortex Visual Division and Vj Steem.

If you have ever visited Fabryka, you have to participate in Demontaż!


Klub Fabryka

19 December 2015 , 11:00 p.m.

Free admissions

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