Cigarettes After Sex with 3 concerts in Poland

Klub Kwadrat /




On the final days of the year, in the middle of December, the beloved band Cigarettes After Sex will perform in three Polish cities:

– on 14 December at Kwadrat in Kraków,

– on 15 December at Firlej in Wrocaw,

– on 16 December at Hybrydy in Warsaw.​

Cigarettes After Sex is an American ambient pop band, compared to such groups as Cocteau Twins and Red House Painters. CAS is composed of four musicians: Greg Gonzalez (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Phillip Tubbs (keyboard), Randy Miller (bass) and Jake Tomsky (drums).

In October 2015, they released an album called “Affection”.

Tickets available in presale for PLN 55.

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