Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Cracow

The growing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism contributes to the fact that restaurants and cafes specialising in meatless cuisine pop up like mushrooms. Also small non-vegetarian spots introduce dishes whose ingredients are not of animal origin so customers interested in such a lifestyle do not have problems when it comes to eating out. Fortunately!

Momo. Bar Wegetariański

A classic spot on the vegetarian map of Kraków – it has been serving unique, original dishes made of fresh ingredients for low prices for years. The bar is located in Kazimierz, at 49 Dietla Street, and attracts crowds of hungry enthusiasts of vegetarian cuisine every day. The dishes are made only of organic ingredients, there is no room for canned vegetables, microwaves, and other unhealthy ways of processing.

Pod Norenami – vegan sushi bar

Fans of Asian cuisine gladly visit the vegan spot Pod Norenami (6 Krupnicza Street). Dishes of traditional Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine, including sushi, are served there only in vegetable versions. The menu is impressive – about a dozen of soups, 6 versions of Thai curry, 5 kinds of Japanese pickles, and 10 various dishes based on pasta as well as rice. The owners took also care of Asian drinks – you can try there Chinese beer and sake. What is more? Well, an exceptional stylish interior, perfect for an elegant dinner or a business meeting.

Vegan burgers in Nova Krova

Nova Krova (12 Plac Wolnica) was established as a result of popularity of burgers and remains a very popular spot when it comes to quick lunches. It serves delicious vegan burgers, with gluten-free buns on request. The ingredients of a vegan burger are groats, vegetables, chickpeas, tofu, and seitan, among others. Let us do not forget about sauces (e.g. soy mayonnaise or garlic sauce), crispy lettuce and vegetables. Additionally, you can order home-made fries made of root vegetables with your burger. They are a healthy variation of unhealthy French fries prepared with too much salt and in deep oil.

Karma – bakery, confectionary, cafe

Another noteworthy spot at Krupnicza Street is Karma (12 Krupnicza) – the only vegan and vegetarian bakery, confectionary, and coffee roasting spot in Kraków. All pies that are served there do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, bread is baked locally without any emulsifiers and other chemical ingredients. Moreover, you can drink exceptional coffee roasted right there – the most popular coffees, with fruit aroma, will surprise even the most experienced coffee enthusiasts with their flavour.


Another cult spot in Kraków popular among local vegans and vegetarians is Glonojad (2 Plac Matejki). This self-service vegetarian bar offers its customers fresh dishes with vegetables and fruit from local farmers which are prepared systematically without any ready-made dishes and harmful “chemicals”. Every single day new dishes surprise with true flavour of organic vegetables. The bar sells vegan pies, croissants, and other confectionary goods.

Cafe Młynek – accommodation and organic meals

If you are in Kazimierz and feel like having some coffee with plant milk and something sweet without milk and eggs, make sure to visit Cafe Młynek (7 Plac Wolnica). If you are coming to Kraków and looking for vegan and vegetarian-friendly accommodation, come to Młynek Apartments & Resto! Rooms for rent with vegetable meals in the very centre of Kazimierz are a perfect combination when you do not have time, or simply do not want to, cook during holiday.


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