The best ice cream in Krakow

The ice cream season will start off soon – the best ice cream is hand-made and prepared with delicious, fresh fruit in small craft ice cream shops. If you happen to be in Kraków this summer, make sure to visit any of these places – long lines can be seen in front of some of them, which confirms high quality and unique flavour of ice cream served there. They are definitely worth a try!

Ice cream at 83 Starowiślna

This place is a legend when it comes to sweet goodies in Kraków. Stanisław Sargi’s confectioner’s shop serves craft ice cream made only of natural ingredients, which attracts crowds. A long line of people waiting along Starowiślna Street for ice cream has become a part of the local scenery. Ice cream made for generations is available in traditional flavours here – vanilla, chocolate, with nuts and dried fruit, strawberry, cowberry, and coffee. 

Katane, 19 Sławkowska Street

Perfect Italian ice cream, fluffy and full of fresh flavours – made according to original recipes by an Italian who owns the place – is appreciated by residents of Kraków and tourists visiting the capital of Małopolska. The ice cream shop, which is opened from the first days of spring until late autumn, has been very popular. Apart from traditional ice cream, the offer of this place also includes amazing ice cream cakes and other goodies.

Donizetti, 23 Św. Marka Street

If you feel like trying some unusual craft ice cream flavours, prepared on a daily basis based on seasonal and natural ingredients, without any emulsifiers, thickeners, and preservatives – visit the Donizetti ice cream shop at Św. Marka Street. Among flavours changed every day, you can come across fudge, tiramisu, pear, mint, and coconut ice cream. The menu also includes delicious waffles and pancakes.

Tiffany, 7 Szczepański Square

This small family ice cream shop in the heart of Kraków enchants with unusual flavours. Apart from traditional chocolate, lemon, and cream flavoured ice cream, you can try here some Persian ones – safflower, baklava, rose, as well as nut ice cream – made of cashew, Brazilian nuts, or peanuts. The unusual offer is not the only advantage of Tiffany – only fresh ice cream made of high quality ingredients and fresh seasonal fruit is served here. Enjoy!

Delikatesowo, 1 Brodzińskie Street

Here, ice cream has been made for over 40 years, always according to traditional, natural methods and with fresh ingredients – milk, sugar, eggs, seasonal fruit, bitter chocolate, nuts, and seeds. The local ice cream, made without any dyes, emulsifiers, thickeners, and preservatives, is famous in entire Kraków. Delikatesowo is not just an ice cream shop but also a shop with organic food, pub, and cafe – it is worth visiting this place in summer to enjoy some coffee, beer from a local brewery or delicious ice cream.

Argasińscy, 5 Św. Jana Street

The Argasińscy Family Ice Cream Manufacture was established many years ago and has been really popular ever since – Argasińscy ice cream was entered into the list of traditional products in 2011. The wide menu includes twenty ice cream flavours, pies, desserts, coffees, and cocktails. Ice cream is sold here by weight so you can try many flavours in one go.


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