Souvenir shops in Krakow

A visit in Kraków is a perfect chance to buy some interesting gadgets related to the capital of Małopolska. Jewellery, clothes and accessories with folk patterns, stuffed toys, figurines, dolls in traditional outfits from Kraków – regardless of the choice, souvenirs from Kraków can be an interesting gift, not only for the little ones.

Where to buy souvenirs in Kraków?

The most popular spot where tourists can buy lots of souvenirs related to Kraków is the Cloth Hall. Situated in the very heart of the Main Square, the row of historic stalls houses a several dozens of stands with handicrafts and souvenirs. You will find there popular dolls – Krakowianki – in folk outfits, traditional hats, postcards with monuments. During a visit there, it is a good idea to buy something that will remind you about your pleasant visit but will also have a practical application – t-shirts and bags with imprints related to the monuments of Kraków, mug mats, cups, or fridge magnets.

The Cloth Hall attracts lots of tourists every single day, and the crowd over there is something that some people may not like. That is why, it is worth looking for some cosier spots hidden in the narrow streets of the Old Town. Such streets as Floriańska, Szewska, and Grodzka hide small shops with souvenirs, where you can buy some really interesting items for a reasonable price.

Remarkable and original gifts related to Kraków can be bought in infoKraków centres. Apart from clichéd gadgets with folk patters, you can find there educational board games, such as Odkryj Wawel or Engram. Instead of popular replicas of St. Mary’s Church, you can buy here a miniature tenement house and pick stylish hand-made ceramic magnets depicting the Lajkonik over some kitschy ones made of plastic.

Souvenir shops – what to focus on?

Nowadays, we are literally flooded with cheap knick-knacks made in China. That is why, it is worth checking the quality of souvenirs and where they are made. The best idea is to choose goods from Polish designers or hand-made ones – it will guarantee that a gift is remarkable, made of safe materials and with due diligence. Such products often cost more than those which are available in every single shop in Kraków, but it is better to choose one useful item distinguished by high quality than spend money on impractical and unaesthetic gadgets.


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