Jewellery and amber shops in Krakow

Although it may seem that the best idea is to bring amber jewellery, for instance, from holiday at the Baltic sea, going shopping to a proven shop in a big city is usually a better solution.

The popularity of amber jewellery has been big for years. Trends come and go, but the position of this material remains the same – it is always elegant, timeless, and universal. It goes well with formal wear but also looks nicely as everyday jewellery. However, you have to pick a high-quality necklace or earrings if you want them to serve your beauty for many years.

Kraków – the best shops with amber

In the centre of Kraków, you can find a number of small galleries with amber jewellery where an experienced shop assistant will spare you some time in order to help you pick perfect jewellery. A network of galleries and amber shops Boruni, whose shops can be found in four places in Kraków, is one of such places. The company also runs the Museum of Amber in Galeria Jana (2 św. Jana).

A wide range of unique jewellery is offered by a shop with 25 years of experience – Świat Bursztynu. Its seat in Kraków is located at 30 Floriańska Street and is opened everyday from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Apart from it, the company has an on-line store.

Galeria Grodzka 59 (59 Grodzka Street) is a distribution place where different kinds of jewellery made of amber and other materials, as well as other decorative items (e.g. amber pictures) are offered. You can check the rich assortment of the company via its website –

Original jewellery galleries in Kraków

Unique original jewellery (but not only) made of amber can be seen and bought in Galeria Skarbiec at 35 Grodzka Street. Exceptional items designed by Polish artists combine many art styles. A lot of them are based on simple and sophisticated forms, whereas others impress with extravagance.

Another jewellery gallery where you can find goods made of amber is Galeria Biżuterii Ora at 3 św. Anny Street. You can admire and buy there brooches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, clips, etc. The offered pieces of jewellery were designed by the best Polish designers, comply with the latest trends, and are made of solid ageless materials.

Galeria pod Czarnym Kotem, located at 1/U2 Mostowa Street, is a unique place where you can buy exceptional pieces of modern and remarkable jewellery. Apart from amber, such materials as felt, soutache, titanium are applied.

Magdalena Szymkat’s original jewellery gallery Anima (5 Poznańska Street) is a place of extraordinary hand-made jewellery where every piece has a couple of copies at the most. Szymkat base her works on semi-noble and noble stones. She also prepares tailor-made jewellery, for example for weddings. If

you care about hundred percent unique jewellery, especially about engagement and wedding rings, make sure to contact Andrzej Bielak from (4 Sławkowska Street). The jewellery designer and manufacturer makes special tailor-made rings by applying traditional processing methods, and we have to admit – he creates true masterpieces.

Chains of jewellery stores in Kraków

Amber jewellery is also available in Schubert jewellery store. This jewellery brand with many years of experience offers beautiful rings, golden and silver jewellery, as well as pieces made of noble stones. One of many Jubiler Schubert stores, whose offer focuses on amber, is located at 13 Floriańska Street. You can find there high-quality and timeless pieces of jewellery made of this material. A spacious store of this company is also located in Bonarka City Center (11 Kamieńskiego Street).

If you care about reliable quality, you can visit a salon of reputed jewellery chains such as W.Kruk or Apart. Just in Kraków, there are 6 W.Kruk jewellery salons, where skilled staff are ready to help when it comes to choosing high-quality jewellery made of silver, gold, and noble stones. One of them is located in Kazimierz (34 Podgórska Street).

Apart salons can be found in ten different places in Kraków, mostly in shopping centres – e.g. in Zakopianka (62 Zakopiańska). A wide range of jewellery in this store guarantees that even the most picky customers will find something interesting. Pieces of jewellery of this chain are extremely universal, therefore, they can please a wider group than original designs.


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