Child-friendly cafes and restaurants in Cracow

Young parents often face inconveniences related to taking children to a cafe or restaurant. Such places happen to be unadjusted to the needs of children, they are not equipped with special small chairs or baby changing tables, not to mention a separated area for the little ones, where they can safely play to give their parents a moment to rest. Fortunately, more and more cafes and restaurants in Kraków adapt to the needs of young mums and dads who do not want to quit going out.

Mamy Cafe

Mamy Cafe is a cafe friendly to children and their parents, located in the very heart of Kraków – at 52 Karmelicka Street. The place is equipped with everything the youngest guests need – a safe playroom full of toys for children of any age, small tables and chairs. The menu is adapted to the needs of pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children – it includes delicious cocktails, unique freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate, as well as gluten-free and dairy-free desserts. What is more, workshops for children and adults as well as thematic meetings are frequently held here. Mamy Cafe is an area of development and relaxation for the little ones and parents – it is worth coming here often with your children.

Miód Malina

If you are looking for an elegant place to have dinner with the entire family, Miód Malina is a restaurant which will not let adult and the youngest visitors down. The special menu for children includes tender delicacies, which will satisfy your child’s appetite. The place has got high chairs for children, a baby changing table, as well as a play zone for impatient little ones.


Delicious unique coffee enthusiasts will surely be interested in the offer of Karma, a cafe which roasts and grinds high quality coffee beans, distinguished by an interesting aroma, on its own The menu, apart from coffee brewed according to many traditional recipes, contains various vegetarian dishes and home-made desserts. The cafe has its fun corner for children, whereas the menu, which is changed every day, takes account of the needs of parents as well as their children.

Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady

Both big and small gourmands will fancy this place! Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady is a place where parents and children can taste delicious goodies in a friendly atmosphere as well as participate in chocolate workshops, where they can learn how to prepare delicious and appetising pralines on their own.

Ristorante Pizzeria & Pasta via Focha 42

Even healthy food enthusiasts can have some delicious Italian pizza with their family once in a while – especially when we are talking about Italian pizza of the highest quality prepared on-site and only with fresh ingredients. Ristorante Pizzeria&Pasta, situated at 42 Focha Street, is a place perfectly adjusted to the needs of the youngest guests, who, apart from delicious and attractive dishes, can count on lots of fun on the outdoor playground or in the indoor zone for children. The place organises Family Mornings every weekend, where parents can relax with delicious morning coffee, while their children take part in thematic workshops run by friendly animators.

Klubokawiarnia Likekonik

LikeKonik is a place open to the needs of children and their parents, full of creativity, stimulating development, and encouraging to have fun. This coffee bar club frequently organises thematic workshops for children and families, which focus on the culture of Małopolska and stimulate creativity as well as curiosity. You can drink here some delicious coffee, Belgian hot chocolate, and one of many aromatic teas. And most importantly – you can leave all your problems at the door and relax in a family friendly place.


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