Best Thai restaurants in Cracow

Thai cuisine has been more and more popular due to very high quality of food produced in Thailand. That is why, ingredients which are used to prepare traditional Thai dishes not only taste great but also contain a lot of nutrients. The number of restaurants where you can try typical Thai dishes in Kraków has been growing. Recipes passed from generation to generation guarantee the best, intense flavour of dishes, no matter where you are at the moment.

Samui – traditional Thai restaurant

Samui is one of few restaurants in Kraków which went for 100% Thai cuisine. The mission of this restaurant is to serve dishes based on traditional recipes while paying a lot of attention to how they are served. That is why, you can enjoy not only only delicious flavours of Thai cuisine but also the sight of beautifully, perfectly decorated dishes.

The menu of this Thai restaurant contains over 90 different Thai dishes, including traditional soups, meat dishes, fish and seafood dishes, vegetables or meat with curry sauce and jasmine rice, noodles, fried rice, and many, many more. A wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes guarantees that no one will leave Samui hungry. Prices are not inflated, especially when you take account of carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality as well as of herbs and spices imported from Thailand. What is more, the menu includes exclusive dishes, for example lobster with chilli sauce, which must be ordered in advance and cost more than a regular dinner. Still, thanks to less exquisite dishes, such as soups and curry, you can eat for about PLN 50. Also dishes for two are particularly worth mentioning.

Pod Norenami – oriental vegetarian cuisine

Pod Norenami, an Asian restaurant located at Krupnicza, combines passion for Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. A lot of the dishes from the menu of Pod Norenami are traditional Thai dishes, such as soups, Tom Kha Gai and Tom Kha Dauhu, fried pork with aromatic Thai basil, and several types of Thai curry.

Pod Norenami is an original project of an outstanding chef – Paweł Albrzykowski – who spent many years studying Far East cuisine and mastered his skills in Soho. He aims at presenting genuine, tasty, aromatic, distinctive vegetable cuisine with the emphasis on traditional flavours of countries of the Far East.

The restaurant is really impressive right from the entrance – the design is well-thought and not overwhelming, unlike most Asian restaurants. The interior is distinguished by an elegant character and stands out against the trivial combination of red and gold. Norens, traditional Chinese curtains cut vertically into pieces, hang from the ceiling, whereas pieces of art related to the culture of the Far East hang on the walls.

Tao by Zen – live cooking

TAO by Zen – Teppanyaki & More is the first restaurant in Kraków which attracts customers thanks to an unusual performance. While waiting for your meal, you can admire the artistry of the chef, who prepares dishes on Teppanyaki, a Japanese grill, live. The chef impresses guests everyday with bursts of flames and culinary juggling. After all, cooking is an art!

Thai cuisine is an import pillar of the menu – it includes Thai soups and salads, curry, Thai mussels, Pad Thai, as well as pancakes with duck, vegetables, and Hoisin sauce. The dishes are prepared on a current basis and made of fresh ingredients. That is why, they are tasty and refer to the Far East.

The design of the place makes a good impression – it is worth staying a little longer even only for it. A minimalistic combination of white and bright green guarantees the atmosphere of energy and freshness. Also the garden, which is of course at guests’ disposal, is noteworthy – it is full of plants, bushes, and trees, has a wall covered with ivy and a wooden terrace. Surely, it is worth coming back here in summer!

WOK Open Kitchen – wok Thai food

WOK Open Kitchen is another restaurant in Kraków with the so-called open kitchen, which allows guests to “peek” at cooks. Here, dishes are prepared on the pre-heated traditional Chinese frying pan – wok. The menu contains several regular dishes and a list of ingredients which can be freely combined on the frying pan. You can choose from a couple of Thai dishes, such as Thai shrimps, Pad Thai, curry, and salads.

To sum up, we have to admit that, despite the wide offer when it comes Thai cuisine in Kraków, a lot has to be done. Thai cuisine with its wealth of ingredients, flavours, spices, and aromas as well as high quality of traditional recipes deserves more than just a single typical Thai restaurant in Kraków!


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